Webshops & Ecommerce

Costumers can easily bail on the shopping cart if the checkout process takes to long or their preferred payment method is missing. Although webshops are a trusted shopping medium, sales conversion still depends on design and functionality.

Popular eCommerce templates

Customers expect the process of online shopping to be intuitive or familiar. Most popular eCommerce websites use the same shop template and so do I. Webshops built by me showcase your product in the most advantageous and the checkout process is as simple as 1-2-3. You can have the your preferred check out method wether iDeal or Bitcoin. Shipping methods and tax calculator or any extra add-on you need for a perfectly functional shop.


Your custom built blog is waiting for you

A personal blog should be representative of who you re and the design should be underlining it’s purpose. Once you take the effort to share your thoughts  with the world it should be presented in the manner you want it.

Describe what you do and how you want the world to see it. I will to my best abilities make your blog your own. Of course any blog delivered comes with integrated social media counters and sharing possibilities.

Your portfolio

Show case your work and show what you do best! Tell the world who you are and what your special talent is in the best manner possible; on your own portfolio website. Weather you want to impress your competition or you are an artist, I can make your work shine!