How To Generate Traffic To Your Website And Get Google Top Rankings.


Build it and they will come… could not be further from the truth. How to generate traffic to your website is the most crucial skill you need to master for online profits.

It is not enough to just have a good looking website. If your customer can’t find you on Google using your website’s name as search term, you got a problem. Unless you are using your website as a digital business card you must have a healthy flow of visitors therefore you must be in Google’s good graces.


Audience flow can be built by an active social media presence or by SEO. Some businesses target visitors only trough social media while other use this as link building rather than finding potential customers. However, social media is not to be missed from any traffic generating strategy.


Generate traffic to your website with good SEO practices


With all the myths about good SEO practices, it gets rather hard to filter out useful from the potentially harming advice. If you decided to do your own growth hacking, here are some practices that always worked and are still proven to do so.


Social Media

As mentioned before, social media is a key element for healthy SEO. Social media links are trusted by Google and help you rank your pages higher. The more social media interactions your website has the more trust Google has in it. Most favored from social media backlinks is Twitter. Be sure to include your website on your twitter profile and bio section and every tweet will earn you valuable backlinks.



Keywords are the focus of your website. These are the target phrases that talk about the essence of your website. If a keyword is too competitive you risk to not get even close to Google’s first page rankings. It is important to research your keywords and find the least competitive but most expressive of what your business is about.

This research tool can help you to identify the right Keyword and/or suggest an alternative that works better for your needs: 


On page SEO


Readability, keyword density, links used in your content; these are all part of good on page SEO. First of all you must have a catchy SEO title which has to contain your keywords(or key phrase) that should not be longer than 155 characters. This is a size Google prefers. You must have a friendly URL that preferably reads this makes it easier for your readers and for search engines to read. It is best to use at least one link in your post and one or multiple photos. The link can be pointing anywhere and the photo(‘s) should have the right title and alt tags. For those using a CMS system like WordPress on page SEO is made very easy by Yost plugin. This one powerful plugin warns you of everything you do wrong and helps you to improve your post. It does not only help you do generate traffic to your website but helps you engage them and make them read more of what you are about.


Link building


We mentioned social media, these are good links but not enough. Business directory links are also good links but best is if they represent less than 20 percent of the total amount of links pointing to your site. Link exchange is a practice that does not work and you should not waste time on it. Paying for links risks to get you penalized by Google because it is against their terms and conditions. For link building to be done right, your site must imitate a natural growth of links. Sharing your blog posts and get them re shared works great. Other bloggers mentioning you in their blog posts is link building gold. A great practice in growing your link base is hunting down other sites broken links. Let’s say you find a related blog with a broken link that is no longer pointing to an existing post, if you have a post in your portfolio that can replace their broken one you could kindly ask them to link it to your existing post. I find this practice the most constructive of all.

To hunt down related websites broken links you could try: 



Content is king! It is also key to generate traffic to your website that does not click your page away but stays reading. You must have good quality content that is easy to read and has just the right amount of keywords. This will make all the difference for your websites rankings. The time when you could just jam your pages full of keywords and fool Google in to ranking you high are long gone. You must be relevant and use sentences that not only your readers but also Google’s algorithm favors. Once more if you are using WordPress, you’ll be safe to trust Yoast SEO otherwise test your readability with:


The fore mentioned practices are just the tip of the iceberg. You can go in depth and learn good SEO practices for a prosperous online business. How to learn the best SEO practices? Try this book:

Easy to read and with concrete tips that work for everyone.

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If you are not a do it your self kinda person but you would like to generate traffic to your website, contact me!


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