The Digital Nomad. Leaving Behind The 9 to 5

And than she was broke… This after I quit my well paying job for the promise of travel and the love of a skill that I was just learning. Trusting that anything can be learned I knew that even if I am not a born talent coder, with hard work and lots of learning I can still be a decent one. Soon it turned out that I am both talented and hungry to learn.
Leaving behind the 9 to 5 was so amazing to me not because I can work less but that I can work more, doing something I love.

Are you a nomad already?

Not even close! Now that the bills are paid I should be able to pack my backpack and go; right? Not exactly… In order to be able to find work, I will need to have a broad network that knows someone who needs something. Without a network it seems quiet challenging to find paying contractors.
Another way of finding work is on the go. This would mean stepping over that social awkwardness and presenting my self as the confident developer I am. Fortunately for me, even if socially awkward, my work makes me proud and I love bragging about it. Do you need a website? I can build what ever you need as you need it! And believe me I am really good! Or something like that.

Where to go?

Anywhere with an internet connection. Not having the 9 to 5 routine is both a blessing and a curse. It always starts with, I do this one more thing and than I go to do groceries, 6 hours later the stores have closed and your cat has ham for dinner again.
Holiday? Always nice! Mostly when you get to your hotel reception to get your free wifi access. Still the happiest is to visit a city with it’s own hotspot (Luxembourg you were great).

The ways of the digital nomad.

Digital Nomad, is it a real lifestyle or just some people taking a job on an exotic island? Can you do quality work and quality travel at the sam time?
I sure hope being a digital nomad is not about moving to a different country to rent a co-working space there. There must be more to it.
While I am searching for the way of the digital nomad I hope to encounter others who do too. Maybe someone does know how to work a lot and still be adventurous.

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