The 5 tips for a successful WordPress website and best plugin for the job.

To give your website a good chance of not only surviving but performing well there are couple of things to look out for. Of course I could make a list then times as long but I learned that if I watch out for these 5 things my site has a fair chance of succeeding. Of course if you are using a well build theme most of this functions will be included but some plugin snobs, like my self, prefer to use their own trusted methods.


If you want your site to perform well it will start with you doing so. You want to have your widgets and share buttons and also your statistics coming from a trusted source. To me this is  Jetpack. This one plugin has all your essentials to track your visitors, do great design and keep your website safe. It comes as a free download or a premium version. My experience is that for a blog or small business website the free version does the trick. Although Jetpack could be an all in one solution I prefer to double up on the good stuff.


Panic sets in when you realise that your website is constantly under attack! With so many malicious bots and spammers on every corner you want to know that your work and your users are protected. A malicious attack can destroy your months of work in just minutes and your beloved hardware or food blog will display Russian Online Casino in stead. A must have for spam protection is Akismet. To confirm to you the importance of spam protection and the performance of Akismet I dare you to check your theme to see if it comes pre installed. Free version comes always pre installed with WordPress but I suggest you check out the premium version as well if you are running a commercial website. Other than SPAM, you will have to watch out for bots and hackers to. Wordfence will have your back here. The plugin features Firewall protection, malware scan, blocking, login security, live traffic monitoring and a lot more


It is the most satisfying to find that perfect image to your blog post. That high resolution crystal clear picture that makes it complete and appealing to your readers. Unfortunately the same picture can make sure that your beautiful blog post will never be read by anyone. Of course I exaggerate a bit but getting the habit of using optimum sized images is crucial. A large image can increase a pages loading time this way it will also increase bounce-rate. It is never to late to use a plugin like Smush Image Compressor which will compress your images without losing quality. To further more increase your site speed W3 Total Cache will be your other best friend. Trust me on this.


A website that Google does not agree with is sentenced to fail. To get in Google’s good graces from the start Yoast is the one plugin you need. It will not only signal if your post or page is mediocre written or is lacking Google attention candy but it well tell you how to improve on it. Yoast SEO plugin should be the first you ever install in your life.


Now that your fast and safe website has high Google rankings, you must get people to actually come and see what your website has to offer. Best way to convince your potential visitor that you are worth their time, is to give them something extra. That extra you are looking for is visual and it can be created by Rich Snippets. Reviews, images, highlighted snippets, all you need to raise your click trough rate. Also once you have engaged visitors you will want to keep them. Ask them in a mannered way for their email address so that you can remind them later of the fun times they spent on your website. Mailchimp is the only emailing service you’ll ever need. It can increase the amount of visitors tempted to subscribe to your mailing list by offering easy to use visually attractive subscription forms.




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