Online Marketing

Make your sales go trough the roof! Now that you have a website you want to attract as many visitors as possible. This can be hard if you lack the experience but there are proven channels to get visitors flow. The most important stream of visitors is provided by google. Having your website Search Engine Optimised is as important as having a website at all. You can get your SEO done by paid search or hard labor but most reliable, optimisation.

Affiliate Marketing for a steady revenue stream

With visitors flowing, why not get the maximum out of your website? Affiliate programs pay big bucks to be exposed to your visitor stream. Pay Per Click ads or Google Adsense can provide an extra revenue stream you can use or reinvest in your website.

Google Adsense

Your websites success but also survival depends on Google. Without reasonable google rankings visitors won’t find you therefore you will miss out on, possibly the biggest chunk of your income.

The best method to drive traffic to your website is Google Adwords but knowing your keywords and how to use Google tools can be a real challenge for those without experience. I am here to help! I can sett up your business campaigns and manage all your Adwords affairs, target your audience and drive a steady revenue stream to your business.

You can get an extra revenue out of your visitors with Google Adsense. Maybe you base your business on visitors clicking or this is just a side product of having a large number of visitors, either ways Google Adsense is the easiest way to monetise your website. I am happy to share my manny years of experience with all of Google’s conversion possibilities and get your website Pay Per Click Ready!


Affiliate marketing

The best way to monetise your website is trough affiliate marketing. Just like Google Adsense you will earn money by your visitors clicking on adds provided by a third party. You can earn even more with a revenue share program or earn fixed rates from parties that require user sign up. You won’t have to move a finger, just provide enough visitors and your affiliate programmes drive in the revenue.

 Your own exposure

The great thing is that you can also promote your website to get more visitors or get more engaged members. Affiliate programmes are so popular because you only pay if they are effective. You won’t waste money without result rather only pay for visitors provided or number of accounts registered.

You are welcome to contact me if you want someone very good with affiliate marketing!

Native advertising

It is a great way to seamlessly monetise your website. The native add content blends in with your own, for example your blog posts and you get payed every time someone clicks on them. It also make it seem like you got more content than you actually do.

Is the latest most advanced form of affiliate marketing that just fits and improves the looks of your own website. You have full control over the content published on your site. If your website is about clothing, the native add programme will display (most likely) articles over fashion. You can further advertise your blogposts as well trough the same affiliate method no result, no pay.